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The 2016 Campaign sparked a tidal wave of cultural artwork in the United States and around the world. Pop culture scholar Anthony Rotolo, who presented a special exhibit called "TRUMPMANIA" in New York and Los Angeles during the election cycle, is now offering a special public lecture on the most significant and thought-provoking artwork of the campaign. "The Art of Trump" is available for booking at conferences, colleges and events. 



Art of Trump™ is a non-partisan talk reviewing the most notable examples of cultural artwork created during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Featuring work from over 30 artists,

Art of Trump™ presents a global look at the artistic response to Donald Trump - positive and negative - and features pieces created in physical and digital media.


Illma Gore

Jim Warren

Sarah Levy

Ben Garrison

Hal Hefner

Julian Raven

Matt Starr

Onno Lolkema


Isaac Budmen

Donkey Hotey

and many more...


Art of Trump™ is great for students, faculty meetings, museums, galleries and any community or group interested in art and culture.


This talk is for everyone! Art of Trump™ features work from artists across the political spectrum presented in a fun, inclusive way.


Featuring the most notable artwork in physical and digital media, from oil paintings to animated GIFs.


Hear the stories of the artists and the messages behind their pieces, with careful attention to the issues that inspired each to create and express.

Book the Presentation

Contact Professor Rotolo to speak at your event. Art of Trump can be presented at conferences, colleges, faculty meetings, or museums.

Thank you! Prof. Rotolo will be in touch soon!

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Art of Trump™ and TRUMPMANIA™ are trademarks of ROTOLOCO LLC.

Artwork featured belongs to the original artists and is used here for educational purposes.

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