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Welcome Cadets!

This is an archive of content from the original Trek Class. These materials were written and produced by Professor Rotolo between 2010-2015 A.D. and used in various forms of the course.

Trek Class Video Series

These videos introduced the major units of the original Trek Class. They were based on Professor Rotolo's lectures from the on-campus college course.

Learning Modules

The following modules were created for a public version of Trek Class. Please note that these materials are incomplete, and some of the links on these pages are no longer active.

Mission 01: Wagon Train to the Stars

Explore the origins of Star Trek, including a look at famed creator Gene Roddenberry, the show's unprecedented journey to television, and the historic first season that forms the basis of the franchise.



Mission 02: To Boldly Go

Examine Star Trek's growth as a series, particularly in its second season. Learn about the differing styles of creator Gene Roddenberry, producer Gene L. Coon, and the series' approach to disarming network censors with sci-fi storytelling.



Mission 03: Mission Interrupted

Star Trek's third season was its last. Explore the reasons why the original mission of the Enterprise was cut short, and how it was later extended in Star Trek: The Animated Series.



Mission 04: The Motion Pictures

After the success of syndication, Paramount attempts to revive Star Trek with a new television series that would become a film franchise.


// START Mission 04

Mission 05: A New Beginning

Gene Roddenberry returns to television with Star Trek: The Next Generation


// START Mission 05

Mission 06: Boldly Going Nowhere

Explore Deep Space Nine, Star Trek's first "spinoff" and the first series created after the death of Gene Roddenberry.


// START Mission 06

Mission 6A: The Middle Child

Mission 07: Fantastic Voyage

Star Trek enjoys a decade of success in the 1990s and the timing is finally right for Paramount to launch its own network.


// START Mission 07

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